Egadi Islands fantastic Sicily itinerary

Holidays In Egadi Island

An island group of southwest Italy in the Mediterranean Sea west of Sicily. A Roman naval victory over the Carthaginians, achieved in a battle fought in the waters off the islands in 241 B.C., ended the First Punic War.

Egadi Islands (ĕ'gädē) or Aegadian Isles, Lat. Aegates, archipelago (1987 est. pop. 5,000), c.15 sq mi (40 sq km), W Sicily, Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. The chief islands are Favignana, Maretti-mo, and Levanzo. Fishing is the main occupation, and the most important tuna fisheries of Sicily are there. A Roman naval victory over the Carthaginians in the battle of the Aegates, fought near the islands in 241 B.C., ended the first of the Punic Wars.

Favignana: this island is the largest of the archipelago and a popular tourist destination because of its wonderful sea characterized by numerous coves. It is an island rich in history, the famous naval battle between the Romans and the Carthaginians was fought here. Favignana is also famous all over the world for its “mattanza” (slaughter of tuna fish) tradition.

Levanzo: the smallest of the Egadi Islands, is an ideal place for trekking. you may also visit the Grotta del Genovese with Paleolithic wall paintings.

Marettimo: the furthest from Trapani is a real natural paradise, with rugged and enchanting landscape and crystal clear water.