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The dream that comes true in Ragusa Ibla the B&B on offer with the unforgettable experience with chocolate, in fact ChocoHouse in Ragusa Ibla is the first structure on the island to be dedicated to Sicily and chocolate. Ragusa Ibla with its century-old chocolate tradition hosts the stupendous structure consisting of 4 stupendous rooms in the heart of Ragusa Ibla all with references to chocolate, with different flavors and essences. The idea is to make you remember the most evocative places in Sicily but also to be able to enjoy and experience emotions that you will cherish forever.

The trip to Sicily of the 5 senses in which our chocolate laboratory will be the protagonist together with you to create the most precious essences of our confectionery heritage.

The secret is to let our guests experience the harmony of human relationships, our chocolate is processed with noble ingredients and the ancient Sicilian chocolate recipes, all in an ecological way and respecting nature.

So what are you waiting for to request the experience of the 5 senses in Ragusa Ibla in the name of love for Chocolate.

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