Palermo Itinerary (Holiday and visit in Palermo)

The province of Palermo comprises eighty-two cities, many of which boasting a remarkable historical, cultural or naturalistic importance. Palermo, the Sicilian capital city, is a major tourist destination, dotted with plenty of amazing monuments such as the Cathedral, the Chiesa della Martorana, the Norman and the Zisa Palaces and a beautiful historic centre that in July hosts the famous Feast of St. Rosalie.

Visitors may enjoy spots of folkloristic interest as well, like the Vucciria, a highly picturesque city market, and the Museo dei Pupi, founded some thirty years ago, dedicated to the traditional Sicilian puppet theatre, drawing tourists from around the world. The Second World War bombings and an earthquake in 1968 produced catastrophic effects on Palermo, which, nonetheless, soon managed to regain its former splendor. The citys traditional cuisine is worldwide appreciated. Among the major specialties are the pasta cche sardi (pasta with sardines), panelle sort of pancake made with chickpea flour , seafood, fish and vegetable specialties; the sweet sfince, torrone and ice-creams close this delicious menu.

To Visit

Sea castle (Palermo)

Built by the Arabs, this was a fortified castle inside the city itself, in an area now adjacent to the quays of the port. One of Palermo's most ancient constructions, it was the favourite residence of Frederick II during his sojourns in Palermo, and for centuries its main task was to serve as a fortified outpost protecting the harbour area. It was later a seat of the Inquisition and in the 1800s a Bourbon prison. The castle is in two main parts: the keep, surrounded by a zone of respect, and an extensive archaeological zone with a mixed medley of buildings.