History San Valentine's day (Italy vacations)

Vacations in Italy Last minute, Valentine's Day, a special day of the year set aside to honor love of all kinds, and especially romantic love. But do you know who Valentine was? Why was this special day set aside to honor St. Valentine?

San Valentine Day Tradition
His life, given to the apostolate and enobled by his matyrdom. But the fame which San Valentine all over the world is due to the legend which originated in the anglo-saxon countries, that he used to make the present of a flower from his own garden to his young visitors. Two of these young people fell in love; and this love risulted in a union so happy that many other couples followed their example, to such a point that the Saint was induced to dedicate one day of the year to a general benediction of the state of matrimony.

Date Valentine's Day
Every 14th of February feasting in honour of the Saint takes, with the traditional Fair and prize-displays. The entire month of February is dedicated to festivities in honor of San Valentine. Other events include an exhibition of jewellery, a competition for the loveliest jewel created for San Valentine's Day and exhibitions.