Italy Travel Tips, Top Destinations in Italy (January)

January in Italy, From the northern snow-clad Alps to the Southern seas, Italy has always been a malting pot of cultures, languages, traditions; a complex universe of distinctive lanscapes and colours.

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City breaks to Rome or to any other art cities in Italy in January, is a good idea, because most of locals are on holidays you avoid crowds and traffic. However walking in the Rome’s streets.

So, what’s about guided night tours? The temperature that drops below 13 °C makes enjoyable the night also for walking. Also, that is a wonderful way to witness the beauty of Rome under lights.

Here you have a couple of guided tours, at around 30 USD per person.

A three hour night walking tour of Rome which will cover the Colosseum, the Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona, including overview of the entire Forum area and also the Imperial Forums. Discover more about this

Travelers to Cinque Terre area, one of the favorite destinations for people visiting Italy, will have this Summer the opportunity to take advantage of mini cruises to better appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

A charter boat service for the Gulf of Poets - Gulf of La Spezia, was launched in the past week and will operate through Summer, until late September.

Daily cruises and mini two-day cruises, will allow travelers to enjoy the several marvels of this area.

From the Gulf of Poets to Portofino bay to Porto Venere to Lerici etc…. A scenery including beaches and coastal rocks , steep cliffs, and a surrounding countryside characterised by green hills and lush vegetation with woods and pine groves.
You’ll be able to visit archeological sites, castles and villas, islands which are natural reserves such as Palmaria and Tino

The Epiphany in Sicily is not just the end of the Christmas festive season, it is a celebration taken very seriously. Among the most relevant Epiphany celebrations taking place in Sicily, we suggest the ones in the towns of Bordonaro and Piana degli Albanesi.

In Bordonaro a very special Epiphany tree covered with fruit and bread is erected; it is the ‘Pagghiaru’.

In Piana degli Albanesi, 24km (15 miles) from Palermo, Epiphany provides a chance to learn more about the the richness of the Sicily’s history and its multicultural character. The town, founded from a group of refugees from central Albania fleeing from marauding Turkish armies, celebrates Epiphany following an ancient Greek-Orthodox religious ritual.