The tourist itineraries in the district of Siracusa and its hinterland, both by the sea and in the mountains, offer the visitor a variety of traditional gastronomic curiosities. In the mountains one will find sausage, red wine and "cannoli" (traditional filled pastries). Along the coast a vast number of fish specialties form the basis of many dishes typical of Siracusan cuisine.

THE HYBLAEAN ITINERARY, offering sausage, wine and ricotta-filled "cannoli," leads the visitor from SIRACUSAto CANICATTINI via the "sea-mountain" route. Continuing on to PALAZZOLO, after a few kilometers, near the Manghisi river we are in trout country: trout with herb, baked, grilled, baked in paper ("al cartoccio"), smoked, with juniper, and salmon trout.

From Palazzolo we can go up to BUCCHERI, noted for its sweets and sausages.At NOTOeverything is baroque, even the cooking: lasagna, homemade tagliatelle and ricotta-filled ravioli, stew Sicilian style, rabbit "alla stimpirata," spaghetti with eggplant and zucchini, snails ("ntuppateddi"), or tuna with peppers. For a good glass of wine (zibibbo, muscatel, or the classic and strong local red wine), we recommend a trip to ROSOLINI, site of the wine cooperative "Elorina." Another itinerary- is the one that leads from ancient LEONTINOIto MONTEPANCALIto FRANCOFONTE. This is the region of citrus fruit production par excellence, where that fruit which symbolizes Sicily more than any other is cultivated: the orange. Here you can relish a salad of oranges with fresh onion and olive oil.

The traditional rustic dish of CARLENTINIand its environs is "a 'mpanata": a leavened dough stuffed with cauliflower, black olives, garlic cloves, Pecorino, anchovies and sauce. Strolling through PANTALICA, with its incredibly fragrant vegetation, one can almost taste the excellent honey that is produced nearby at SORTINO. At FERLA, during the principal festivals, one can find "cassatelle" (little cakes) filled with ricotta. In the surrounding hills, as far as MELILLI, there is a great deal of sheep-farming; from February to May on the numerous farms one can purchase dairy products, and in the early morning relish the hot ricotta with homemade bread.

THEFISHITINERARY, FROMBRUCOLI TO PORTOPALO. White breams, bass, groupers, dentexes, maigres, cuttlefish (a specialty is sauce with the ink of the cuttlefish), lobsters, prawns, mantis shrimp, swordfish (also smoked it is excellent), tuna and a great variety of bluefish - all these are to be found in numerous specialties of the Siracusan cuisine.