Tour Custonaci Riserva monte Cofano Esperienza a cavallo Sicilia stupenda escursione


If you want to experience an extraordinary day in the land with a beautiful sea, here is the Horseback experience in Sicily, an unforgettable excursion, yes, because you will not be able to forget our horseback rides visiting the most beautiful places in western Sicily. a surprising land rich in history and traditions.

Indescribable imaginaries with our life companions, the horses, between the sea and the mountains we will let you breathe the true scents of Sicily and live an unforgettable experience in San Vito Lo Capo. Enchanting places with breathtaking landscapes within the Monte Cofano Oriented Reserve within everyone's reach, we will look out in front of the mythical Santa Margherita Bay (Baia di Macari), protagonist of the TV series Makari.

There are many reasons for a Horse Tour in Sicily which will last at least three hours, also depending on the type of experience you want to live.

We will have to identify the horses compatible with each rider, at this point you will be ready to immerse yourself in a new dimension where we want nature to become the absolute master of time.

We will reach the Grotta Mangiapane crossing paths with almond trees, orchids and palms, here you will admire the natural cavity 70 m high and 50 m deep, dated to the Paleolithic age, ideal for protecting homes from the wind and winter cold and from the summer heat.

We will admire the deep blue sea at the limestone headlands from the top of the Reserve, leaving you speechless and fascinated by this timeless place. During the Horse Trekking Hood you can dive into the crystal clear waters for a quick and regenerating swim and then what are you waiting for to request a quote dedicated to you for the horse tour that you will not easily forget.

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