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Cheap holidays in Porto Empedocle a few km from the Scala dei Turchi in the cities of Luigi Pirandello and Andrea Camilleri, the splendid Valley of the Temples can be easily visited with its majestic Temples, one of the main religious complexes of the antiquities and the most visited tourist site in Sicily.

Marisan in Porto Empedocle Vigata offers a holiday in Sicily with different types of accommodation located on the second floor of a characteristic building in the center of Porto Empedocle with balconies that open onto Via Roma, the main street of the city, here you will find excellent restaurants, bars, bakeries, pharmacies, the post office, the municipality and the church, the city has also been called Vigata for some time thanks to the master Camilleri.

The three rooms in Porto Empedocle, Sole, Diamante and Mare are equipped with air conditioning, offer a private bathroom with window and can accommodate from one to four people. The sea room has a lovely equipped kitchen.

The location of the structure is very advantageous as it is only a few minutes' walk from both the new port, from which ferries depart for Linosa and Lampedusa, and the bus station, from which it is easy to reach Agrigento, Catania and Palermo.

With ten minutes by car you can reach the legendary Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, the 'Pietro Griffo' museum, the Kolymbethra garden and obviously the house that gave birth to Luigi Pirandello.

The holidays in Porto Empedocle and in the Scala dei Turchi are strategic for excursions throughout the Agrigento hinterland and the nearby provinces: you can visit suggestive places while remaining enchanted by the natural beauties, discovering the pleasure and taste for the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, full of fun and adventure but above all the beautiful sea.

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