Usual tourists tours offer a stable stay, that already means stay in the most beautiful places, like hotels, holiday villages, resorts, but always stable. Who has never travelled in a city, and came back regretting not been gone to the nearest city, thinking to have missed something important. Over the last years, a lot of cheap “All Inclusive” options are born (that include Bus, Hotel, restaurant).

These options seem much more addressed to aged couples consumers than to all aged consumers. These options anticipate gathering and fixed times. It seems to be in glass case without any real contact with the place you are visiting and with people living there. There is no possibility of enjoying a panorama or a beach, or to visit an archaeological site. In our opinion a holiday with a camper permits to conciliate time with mobility, thanks to all services on board that give the possibility, having home on board, to move freely without time constrictions. Usual camper rental are aimed at local consumers, and even if it is provided to find the vehicle at the airport, it is not always provided to equip it with linen, home wear or everything else that could be needed for a immediate use of the vehicle. In fact, it is not usual that tourists rent a camper on Sicily.

It is easier to rent it from the base of departure, but to rent charges are needed to be added fuel costs and motorway tools. This means that it is cheaper to rent a camper on Sicil

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