The "holiday house in Punta Ants" was built in three stages: 1965, 1989 and 2015/16.

The property includes three apartments: two with three bedrooms (each with up to 5 beds) and one with two bedrooms (up to four people).

The house is 130 meters from the sea and is located on a cliff that descends gradually to the sea: arriving there on the left is a sandy bay -larga about 500 meters-, with a bottom that degrades very slowly and therefore is suitable for children and non-swimmers, while the right continues the cliff suitable for swimmers and divers.

The key feature of the area is that it is still "virgin": the nature prevails here with his silence; the dominant colors are the blue of the sky and the sea, to the west, and the green of the garden and other crops, to the east. The view of the sea is 200 degrees. Look at the sea and the cliff together is a charm. These waters are crystal clear, green and blue: a dream sea.

You can play all the maritime activities are made freely available to our guests a boat

Sailing: with Latin sail. And finally a canoe.

The facility is equipped with a regulatory field for the game of bowls, in a 500 square meter garden, in which there are as many as 23 beautiful palm trees, flowers and various trees. always within the garden there is parking for several cars.

The resort that is done by us is a "holiday of health": quiet environment, "transparent" light, sports, serenity, culture and nature excursions. Leisure and bustle citizens can seek to seven kilometers, in the countries of Portopalo and Marzamemi. Pozzallo, Noto and the nature reserve (sea and land) Vendicari are 20/25 minutes away.

From thirty minutes to an hour drive there are a dozen "sites" of the archaeological type, monumental and natural beauty of 'World Community', and of these, many (including Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Noto, Pantalica, Syracuse, Palazzolo acreide) they have been declared by UNESCO "World heritage Site".

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